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Hanoi to Halong Bay train

Hanoi To Halong Bay Train: The Ultimate Guide 2023

When it comes to travelling from Hanoi to Halong Bay, a shuttle bus or taxi is usually preferred due to its conveniences and time-saving itinerary. However, train is also an interesting option that you can try for amazing sightseeing experiences; as long as you do not mind a long journey. This article will provide essential information on Hanoi to Halong Bay train so that you can learn more about this means of transportation and may consider a train trip.

Overview of Hanoi to Halong Bay train

The only train from Hanoi to Halong Bay is train No. 50501, which has operated for many years. Compared to other means of transport such as shuttle bus, car, motorbike, etc., train is a more traditional way for Hanoi – Halong travel. It has become more popular with local people than foreign visitors.

In fact, the train has been mainly taken by small traders who sell products in markets around Quang Ninh and surrounding areas. As the result, the quality of tourism services may be less professional but it can bring tourists a chance to communicate with the locals!

The train No. 50501 journey takes passengers about over 7 hours to transfer from Hanoi to Halong. It departs from Yen Vien Station (the Northeast of Hanoi) at 4:55 a.m; arrives at Halong Station (the East of Bai Chay City) at 12:00 p.m every day. From Halong, the train leaves at 1:45 p.m and reaches Hanoi at 8:30 p.m.

Halong Station
Halong Station – The arrival point of Hanoi – Halong train

Advantages of Hanoi to Halong Bay train

Best for: Backpackers and tourists with a limited budget, or those who are not pressed for time

Disadvantages of Hanoi to Halong Bay train

Hanoi to Halong Bay train
Travel like a local with Hanoi to Halong train

Schedule and price of Hanoi to Halong Bay train

Hanoi to Halong Bay train schedule

Train No. 50501 departs from Yen Vien Station every day at 4:55 a.m and arrives at Halong Station at 11:45 a.m on the same day.

Before reaching the last stop in Halong, the train goes through 11 other stations including Tu Son, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Pho Trang, Kep, Bao Son, Lan Mau, Dong Trieu, Mao Khe, Uong Bi, Yen Cu. During each stop (especially Kep or Mao Khe), passengers can have about 15 – 20 minutes to buy things and food or to go sightseeing and take some stunning pictures for their travel album.

When coming back to Hanoi, you can take train No. 50502, which departs from Halong Station at 1:45 p.m and arrives in Hanoi at 8:30 p.m according to the inverse itinerary.

Hanoi to Halong Bay train price

It costs one adult about US$ 4 for a one-way trip with the only hard-seat option. In case of fully booked seats, extra seats are available at US$ 3/adult. However, this kind of seat is not usually recommended due to its inconvenience and unsafety.

In addition, all the listed prices are subject to VAT and passenger insurance fees; and may vary according to the booking time. Children under 6 years old are offered free tickets; those from 6 to 10 are given a 25% discount; the elderly from 60 and above are given a 15% discount.

Hard-seatPrice/One way
AdultUS$ 4
Extra SeatUS$ 3
Children under 6 years oldFree
Children 6-10 years oldUS$ 3 (Discounted 25%) 
The elderly from 60 and aboveUS$ 3.4 (Discounted 15%)

How to book

Tourists can easily make an online booking on the official website of Vietnam Railways:; or contact the hotline 19006469.

Hanoi to Hai Phong train

In addition to the train transferring directly from Hanoi to Halong Bay, tourists can also make another choice: taking a Hanoi – Hai Phong train, then travelling to Halong Bay by a shuttle bus.

Hanoi – Hai Phong distance and travel time by train

The distance between Hanoi and Hai Phong City is approximately 100km, which takes a 2.5-3-hour travel by train.

The two major stations in Hanoi where trains depart from include Hanoi Station and Long Bien Station. Both points are located around the Old Quarter area, which is convenient for tourists to get there from their hotels. The arrival location of trains is Hai Phong Station, placed 1km from the city center.

Hanoi - Hai Phong train
Modern facilities on Hanoi to Hai Phong train

Price and schedule of Hanoi – Hai Phong train

Train price:

Here is the price list of Hanoi – Hai Phong train ticket. Prices include passenger insurance fees and may vary according to the booking time, positions on the train, or the age of passengers.

Type of seatPrice/One way/Person
Extra seatUS$ 2.5
Hard seat (without air-conditioners)US$ 4.2
Hard seat (air-conditioners)US$ 4.4
Soft seatUS$ 4.4

Train schedule:

There are 4 options for Hanoi – Hai Phong train with different itineraries, which is quite flexible for your travel:

TrainHanoi StationHai Phong StationTravel time
HP106:0008:252 hours 25 minutes
LP309:1712:002 hours 43 minutes
LP515:2018:002 hours 40 minutes
LP718:1520:552 hours 40 minutes

Special offers:

How to book:

Tourists can easily make an online booking on the official website of Vietnam Railways:; or contact the hotline 19006469.

Besides, train tickets can be also purchased on other online platforms such as 12Go and Baolau. Prices on these sites are 10-20% higher than those on the Vietnam Railways’s website.

Take a shuttle bus from Hai Phong to Halong Bay

Distance and travel time

The distance between Hai Phong City and Halong City is about 40km, which takes passengers about 45-60 minutes to travel through the new Expressway.

Hai Phong – Halong shuttle bus

Shuttle bus is considered the best way to transfer between two cities. There are various choices of vehicle: from 9-seat luxury shuttle buses to 40-seat coaches. If you prefer a door-to-door service, a luxury shuttle bus is highly recommended. The vehicles will pick up and drop off passengers at their locations; as well as feature modern facilities such as air-conditioners, massaging chairs, free WiFi, mineral water, mobile phone charging ports, etc.

You can book a ticket for Hai Phong – Halong shuttle bus with some prestigious transport companies: Hoang Phu Limousine, VIP Anh Huy Limousine, etc. Travel schedule is flexible with hourly itineraries, from 5:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m daily. The ticket price is approximately US$ 10/one-way/person.

Haiphong – Halong shuttle buses usually arrive in Halong City Center area. If you take a cruise at Halong International Port or Tuan Chau International Port, you may need to take a taxi to get there by yourself.

Useful tips for travelling by Hanoi to Halong Bay train

Buy a ticket in advance

Although train tickets are sold at the station, tourists should make an advance booking on ticket websites that support English. This helps you save time when arriving at the train station. Just be ready and wait for your train!

Prepare food and drink

Food and drink are not sold on Hanoi to Halong train, so tourists need to prepare enough refreshments for a long 7-hour journey. Recommended choices include snacks, bread/sandwich, bottled water, etc. Although several stops on the route have small shops selling food and drink, there are not many choices and product quality may be not ensured. Therefore, it will be better if you buy your favorite items in advance to enjoy on the train.

Arrive at the train station on time

The train usually departs on time as schedule; if you come late, you may miss it. You should be present at the station at least 10 minutes before the departure time.

Keep your eyes on your luggage

It is important for you to pay attention to your luggage, especially valuable items when sitting on the train to avoid pickpockets.

Move on the train

Sitting for long hours may make you get tired; therefore, sometimes you should stand up and move around on the train. Besides, when arriving at the stops, you can spend some minutes getting off the train for short sightseeing and enjoying the fresh air.

Admire stunning landscapes while travelling to Halong by train
Enjoy sightseeing while travelling to Halong by train

In conclusion, if you look for a budget-saving but interesting way for Hanoi to Halong Bay travel, train is a good option. Despite a long journey and limited facilities, this cheap vehicle is relatively safe as well as offers spectacular sightseeing experiences. There are two choices for transferring between two cities by train. You can either take a direct Hanoi – Halong train; or take a Hanoi – Hai Phong train and get to Halong by shuttle bus. With our detailed guide, first-time tourists can find booking a train ticket easier and travel like a local.

FAQs on travelling from Hanoi to Halong Bay by train

Do I need to make a booking for a train in advance?

Although you can buy a ticket directly at the train station, it is better for you to make an online booking in advance to save time and avoid the sold-out situation.

Is travelling by Hanoi to Halong train suitable for a family?

Due to limited and old facilities and a long journey, Hanoi – Halong train is not really a good choice for families, especially those with kids. You should take a luxury shuttle bus for high comfort and a time-saving itinerary.

How much does a Hanoi – Halong train ticket cost?

The ticket price is about US$ 4/one-way/adult. Children under 6 years old are offered free tickets; those from 6 to 10 are given a 25% discount; the elderly from 60 and above are given a 15% discount.