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Friends, sun, sand and sea, how it could be more perfect than cruising among hundreds of limestone in Halong Bay – A Wonder of the World. Summer normally starts in Halong Bay from May to August with the average temperature is around 29.5oC (85.1oC). It is relatively pleasant in the evening in around 25oC (77oC) while the maximum temperature in daytime can spike up to 36oC.
Summer can be seen as the best season in Halong Bay allows you to enjoy outdoor activities and get healthy summer glow. Occasionally, a heavy rain may come then rush away quickly leave a fresh air and clear sky on the Bay.
The lowest price drop and less-crowded destinations is one plus point for cruising in summer. Summer is the low season for tourism in Halong, less American and European travelers cause the cruise price drop.

Autumn is the most comfortable season to cruise in Halong. Starts from the middle of August to the middle of October, autumn in Halong is quite short but can seem to be the most beautiful season. Average temperature is around 26oC to 28oC (78.8oC – 82.4oC). In daytime, it’s sunny but not hot. Nighttime is cool and great for chilling on the sundeck with some drinks. Autumn night is the most romantic time on an overnight cruise in Halong Bay.
Sometimes in an unexpected way, it has typhoons coming that cause cruise cancelation but passengers, in this case, President will refund 100% the total charge that clients haven’t used our service. Moreover, President also can help our customers amend the booking to another day if customers can change their schedules. Hence, tourist should book a cruise trip with flexible condition that help amending the booking more conveniently in any unexpected case.

Weather in this season almost cool and sometimes it has haze. If you wake up early at Halong Bay in the middle of winter, you might see a super majestic spectacle cause by fog. You can see a light layer of white fog above the water and your cruise leisurely pass through this layer. After few hours, this fog layer will slowly disappear when the sun rises.
From December to February, it might be a little bit cold, the average temperature is around 18oC (64.4oC). It’s such a beautiful condition for sailing across the bay through thousands limestone.

According to the statistics of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, from October to April, Vietnam welcomes a higher number of American and European tourists than other seasons in the year due to the fact that the weather of this season is more suitable for those who come from frigid and temperate zone and want to escape from the coldest season. However, the price for a Halong Bay cruise trip in this season will be raised up a little bit compared to summer and autumn. Tourists should plan their own schedules and make the reservations as soon as possible to secure the availability and get a reasonable price.



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